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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 16, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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morning news. the top stories that we are following this thursday may 16th. police are investigating san jose is 6 ft. homicide after an early- morning assault. a live report will be coming up. >> a grandmother and her one-year-old grandson are dead this morning after they were stabbed to death in their own. details and a live report will be coming up. >> at least six people are dead after a tornado ripped through north texas yesterday. >> you can see behind me at the bay bridge toll plaza that it is mostly cloudy conditions. people have been right scene in stating that they have seen scoring goals. highway 13 as well. wily
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conditions. we will have cool weather into tomorrow. the temperatures will rebound as we head into the weekend and i will have full details coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> better nose for a ride on highway 24. this was a potential hot spot. and motorcycle crashed at the west end and that accident has not been clear. this is the extent of the back up so we did dodge a bullet. we do have slower traffic on highway 580 in the westbound direction. you concede that the traffic has backed up to 2 05. >> it has been a deadly 24 hours in san jose. this morning police are investigating the city's 16,
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after a fatal attack early this morning. kron4 mike pelton is live in san jose. >> investigators remain here and we are still waiting for the corner to come to remove the bodies. they stated that there are a lot of businesses in the area and over in the back of the parking lot you concede that jacket in the box. they stated that they saw a body here in this dumpster. they responded about 1:18 a.m. and that a man was injured in the parking lot. they found him unconscious and he seems to have been pronounced dead. they stated that they will take over this investigation and at this point they do not have any suspects nor have they released his name or age. one of the difficulties the they are having is that a lot of the surveillance
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videos are showing neighboring businesses. that may have to take this video back to the police station to look at it more. hopefully, that will get suspect's description. >> we stay in san jose were sheriff's deputies are on the scene of a triple stabbing that killed two people including a woman and a one-year-old. the murders happened yesterday afternoon on view mount drive and alum rock. after a six hour manhunt, late last not authorities took this man into custody in san francisco. his name is ruben raruben ramirez ships whole
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they are calling a person of interest in the case. kron4 will tran is live on the scene. >> he told me inside the home, in this yellow home, it is very graphic and gruesome. you concede that the investigators are still on the scene. if they have been here for more than 16 hours because they're trying to contact the person of interest. the 48 year-old woman was a grandmother and a 1 year old died on the scene. a 3 year old child was also in the home but she was in critical condition. if she was taken to the hospital. they're not going into any details but this person is a family member with a mental illness. i can
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tell you that that will be here for a another couple of hours. as far as this place, they are allowing people to leave for work and school. >> this is not the only it murder that they are investigating. another homicide investigation is underway in san jose. this time it is at a holiday inn on the 2600 block of monterey road. that is where police say they may discover that woman's body in one of the loans. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. details of the victim's identity and a description of a suspect had not been released at this time. >> at least six people are
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dead after tornadoes ripped through north texas. here is a new aerial footage of this morning. authorities said that the terminals would touchdown then pick back up as the storm moved along. the sheriff and hood county says the the six dead were in the worst hit city of the gain barry weir of the twister hit to neighborhoods. the death toll could climb as crews pick through the rubble of those shattered bones. >> here is video caught by a storm chaser in cranberry, texas. 100 plus homes have been damaged and six people have been killed. they do have 12 that are listed as missing. >> the time is 6 06 a.m.. the brother of 8 year-old
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leila fowler appeared in a san andreas court yesterday for the first time since the charges were filed against him and his sisters killing. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom proceedings. lawyers for the 12 year-old boy accused of murder say that their client is innocent. her brother did not show any signs of emotion, but he did glance back at his parents a few times for the hearing. the 12 year old brother did not enter a plea for the stabbing death of his sister. he will be kept in a juvenile facility until the next hearing. >> the body of an autistic 9 year-old girl who went missing from her family's vacation home has been found. divers found the mikaela lynch's body on
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wednesday in a creek that render her own. she went missing on sunday. she had been playing on a trampoline with her brother briefly alone when he went into the house. police have said that she was unable to speak and had the mental capacity of a one-year-old. her disappearance sparked a massive search effort that included hundreds of volunteers. >> we will be right back. >> we will be right back.
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>> we are watching wall street this morning. futures trading lower, investors noticed the stock market to all-time highs yesterday. globose stock topped $900 for the first tioogle's stock t0 for the first time. this morning, a spike in weekly jobless claims. wal-mart release of disappointing quarterly profit numbers down 2% in pre-market trading. kohl's department store beats expectations, close the stock of 7 percent in pre-market. >> here is a look at yesterday's closing numbers. the dow rising 60 points to close a 15,275. the nasdaq
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>> welcome back. the first tropical storm of the season pacific hurricane season has formed off the coast of mexico. the national hurricane center in miami says the tropical storm out and could become a hurricane in several days but it is not a threat to lay and the right now. it has top winds of about 45 mi. per hour and is centered 700 mi. south of manzanillo, mexico. >> this indicates where we may see light rain. some of it is not hitting the ground. you can always send
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me a tweet and let me know if you are deal welin dealing wh wet weather. it looks like north beach and those of you coming off of the upper deck to the bay bridge are dealing with light rain. we are seeing rain and piedmont and oakland. contra costa county is having light rain. we're also said rain in danville in san ramon. the wet weather has made is pushed to the our route evergreen. the mid peninsula is also getting an on a. >> you may need to use your windshield wipers and keep your umbrellas handy just in case. the area of low pressure is centered way to the north. we are still seeing brain in portions of northern california. the winds are still in the
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forecast. we will continue with iran until the 7:00 a.m. hour. by 10:00 a.m. it will start to lighten up. as we put the clock into motion the rain and the chances will start to diminish into the evening hours. it will be a cooler day friendly will not see as much sun. we're talking about sixties and very low 70's today. it will be 69 degrees at your high for fremont. 65 degrees for castro valley and downtown san francisco will be coming in as 62 degrees with low 70's in napa. >> those of you heading to the bay to breakers race on sunday which was start out of the low 50's. will have areas of fog and widespread cloud cover. the temperatures will start to rise as weak start the race.
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the temperatures by lunchtime will be in the upper 60s. in terms of your extended forecast the temperatures will rebound as we head into the weekend. warmer weather as we pushed into monday and dry weather will continue to the middle of next week. >> we are watching to see if there any problems develop in on interstate 580 because the sensors are detecting low traffic. there is a complete break with the chp and they're not reported any incidents. there was an accident that was reported but it is on the surface street and not on the freeway. >> as the bay bridge to there is something going on. we have a disabled motorcycle that is blocking one of the lanes. the metering lights are not activated. there still moving pretty well and does
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not seem to present any problems but it may be later on. the volume is building and the drive time is stained and 11 minutes as you head towards a foster city from hayward. if you're ride to the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound looks great. the drive time through marin is still under 25 minutes from high with 34 to the golden gate bridge. >> federal and state investigators are ready to announce findings of their investigation into a deadly texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed 14 people. after a month-long investigation, the texas state fire marshal's office and atf are scheduled to release results of this capital. the glass back in april, leveled in nearby homes and registered a small earthquake. it killed 10 first responders and two volunteers who were tried to
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fight the fire. >> police arrested a man in los angeles after discovering explosive materials and his car. that led the bomb squad searched the suspect. they went into culver city apartment where they found explosive devices. for buildings were evacuate in several blocks were closed off. this comes after officers pulled over the suspect late last night and found a clear liquid explosive materials. the suspect's name as my yet been released. >> it is a do or die tonight for the golden state warriors. san antonio and is up 3 to 2 in the best of 7 series. game 6 is tonight and that is where we will find and jackie sissel who is live. >> let's face it. there plan with house money. when this season started they did not
6:21 am
expect the warriors' even make the playoffs. when they made the playoffs they stated they had no way to beat the nuggets. s not you concede, they are at an elimination game. this is a game 6 and the warriors need to win tonight have to go home. this is a story,this ir the warriors. if it wins tonight that can go back to san antonio for game 7. let's face it, it is all about tonight. yesterday, during the short run i had a chance to talk to the big projects. mark and jackson, and that jarrett jet.jack. both of them talked about how important today's game is. >> we are excited, we want
6:22 am
to head back the first thing is first. >> we are excited and we will find a way to get it done. >> we have a lot of fight, a lot of proud. i am looking for to this game. >> how big is this for the warriors. the 49ers have five super bowl, the giants have won two and this is as far as the warriors have gone and over 35 years. since 1976, 1977 season. that is hollow since they have made it this far in the playoffs. they want to continue this. it is getting bigger, bigger and bigger. >> we will see if it stephen curry can't find his shot again that seem to have disappeared. >> the sharks and kings will lace up the states and
6:23 am
have another go at the stables and a tonight in game 2 of their series. loss angeles grabbed the opener on the exceptional play of the kings goalie jonathan quick. san jose will have to find a way to pass them if they want to even up the series. they play tonight in game 2, at 7:00 p.m.. >> we will take a quick break. we have of the james lick freeway to show you. it is a little cloudy this morning. we will be right back. look at 'em.
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>> welcome back. we had a spike in the weekly jobless claims. we are watching a bay area company that reported their numbers. we will follow the numbers on wall street. we were down an early trading. we will have more on cisco, and wal-mart coming up and about 20 minutes. >> we are started out with storm tracker 4. this is because we're waking up to sprinkel from the bay area. all of the green is not hitting the ground. be prepared to use your windshield wipers. portions of a seven francisco. dry
6:31 am
weather is across the upper deck. alameda and contra costa counties are noticing that it is darker for them and they have moderate rain drops. be prepared for slow traffic and some raindrops. it is currently writing in danville. right around the, and that's the area. it looks like the mid to lower cholesterol is also getting in on the wet weather. (...) (...) >> we saw gust over 40 mi. per hour. we did see the winds died down. i will have more on your wet weather
6:32 am
forecasts into after months coming up in just a few minutes. >> we are watching what has become a hot spot. this is brian and instead 580 in the westbound direction. they're no accidents or five a but it was a crash that was due to the proximity. chp has been with this accident for about an hour now and that is the reason why the traffic is backing up. a again, this is not on the freeway this is nothing but flashing lights that are off to the side of the doors were calling in and they said that the back up is now 52 minutes to the dublin interchange. this is a travesty. >> 1 01 southbound is set francisco started out as a stalled car and it has been out there for awhile. a vehicle struck this car and now it has became a crash.
6:33 am
give yourself an extra 10 minutes this morning. >> police are investigating n jose is 16, side of the year this morning. just after 1:00 a.m. this morning police received a report of an injured man lying in a parking lot in the 400 block of blossom hill road. officers arrived on the scene and from the man, who appeared to have been a salted. the san jose police homicide unit has taken over this investigation. most suspects have been identified. this is an ongoing investigation and will bring you updates as soon as they become available. >> we stay in san jose were sure of deputies are on the scene of a triple stabbing that killed two people including a woman and a one- year-old child. the murders happened yesterday afternoon on view my drive and alum
6:34 am
rock avenue and east san jose. after a six hour manhunt, late last night aboard is to this man into custody in san francisco. his name is ruben ramirez collect call a person avengers. kron4 will tran is liven the ene to tell us what is born on. >> if you live here, you have to tell the sheriff deputies. they are focusing on this house and they're collecting evidence to build a case against his personal ventures. we do know that the woman that was killed was 48 years old and she was the grandmother of the one- year-old child that was killed. there was a 3 year old little girl also but city was okay. they sent her to the hospital where she is not listed in stable condition area the house is
6:35 am
considered to be very gruesome and inside. also, i talked to one of the neighbors and he stated that he was distraught and angry about what has happened. he stated that he has seen police officers set this house in the past the for tuesday or wednesday afternoon. he stated that this house has been a hot spot as far as the neighbors are concerned. he stated that the gym and that we're speaking of, stated that he has never seen him there before or reportedly, he stays here and according to investor gators that he is thn of a 48 year-old. >> the grandmother of the two children. espartero as ruben, he is reportedly the
6:36 am
sun to the 48 year-old grandmother and he is the uncle of the two children. >> the other child that is the hospital is in stable condition as she left here in critical condition of the doctors worked overnight and this morning, is still recovering. we're not sure if she is out of danger but at this point they're not listing her as critical and more. people in this neighborhood have been coming and going and the investigators look like their clothes still be done. they have stayed in their mobile command union discussing things. >> new this morning, the u.s. military says that two american service members are among the 15 dead in a car bomb attack and kabul. the
6:37 am
sole site attack on a convoy also killed four foreign contractors and nine afghan civilians. an islamic militant group, hizbe isla, claimed responsibility for the early morning attack, saying it had formed a new unit to a tax form forces. >> the internal revenue service is taking a serious blow in the aftermath of an investigation that found that the agency improperly targeted conservative groups. as a result, the acting commissioner of the irs was asked to resign. an investigation by a treasury inspector general found the irs used inappropriate criteria off the identified
6:38 am
four or guilty party and other conservative groups that were seeking tax-exempt status. president obama says that this is an excusable " misconduct " aakes n leip at the agencic. >>rep michel bachmann, chairwoman of the tea party caucus and former federal tax attorney, holds a press conference with the tea party leaders who tell their stories of i arrests and intimidation and demand further investigation. >> there were no winners at last night in the $360 million power ball jackpot. however, six it is matched 5 numbers, and that is still worth a lot of money. the winning numbers were2, 11, 26. 34, 41 and the power
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>> the time now 6:42 a.m.. there is a slowdown in livermore at alta mount pass way. george is keeping track of this house spot. we will have more coming up. >> robb is here to talk about wall street coming up next.
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6:46 am
16th. a grandmother and her one-year-old grandson are dead this morning after they were stabbed to death in their home. a three year-old girl was also attacks, remains in the hospital this morning. police say that they are questioning a person of interest. >> authorities have found a body of an autistic 9 year- old who went missing from her family's vacation home over the weekend. mikaela lynch's body was on yesterday in a creek near the home. >> people in texas are getting their first look of the damage from tornadoes that hit north texas. six people have died, with about 50 people injured and 250 people left homeless. >> we have with cisco
6:47 am
systems is a their data. data is huge. we're watching a lot of television and we are playing a lot of games. they a job they are leading and the dow is low today. >> we are seen cisco up 13%. the other hand, wal-mart is bleeding because they had okay sales appear red they were not able to raise prices as much as they wanted to. they have had grocery deflations. >> wal-mart had a great quarter but what was reported was that they had a quarter where they missed sales and earnings. when
6:48 am
they mand i do not see them going anywhere. >> if you are a long-term investor, they are huge. there are 20% of retail. >> if the of the aba cisco is that they added more. i am amazed at how much cash these companies are sitting on. a lot of it is international. there are doing this because of not paying taxes. maybe if the obama administration stimulate the economy--they give it to the shareholders, they will spend it. >> you said yesterday that all paper a look like a good
6:49 am
company. a lot of these tech giants included are having problems with delivery. they're having a tough time run. more and more data still continues as cisco was on ok. >> we would check back with rabin at 915 with our winners and losers. >> i do want to start out with a live look as storm tracker 4 we are seeing a lot of green on the map. we are seen light rain and not all of it is reaching the ground. i want to zoom in to see if it is raining in your neighborhood. this includes ocean beach, richmond and even north beach. for those of you that are driving across the upper deck of the bay bridge. most of our east
6:50 am
bay spots, the heavier rain are in alameda and contra costa county. the great is darker for those of you coming out of tracy. >> we are testing the drive breaks for concord and walnut creek. check out the south bay with the most of their freeways. you will however encounter damp or moist roadways. satellite and radar shows a lot of cloud cover associated with this system. this will continue its way to the bay area and we do have windy conditions. we have delays that are coming test f o because of low visibility. if you should keep this in mind if you have to pick someone up. >> we will see 60s and low
6:51 am
70's and afternoon. the temperatures are coming in on the cooler side. san francisco will come in as 62 degrees and low 70's out the door for napa. >> the seven day of around the bay shows cooler weather. we will lose a few degrees for the inland spots. the temperatures will make a comeback as we head into the weekend. it will be pretty much like '90s for next week. >> there is a major problem develop then and is quite unusual. is affecting the bart system and highway 24. initially, we were reported that it was a police action of the bart station that brought of 50 minutes of the lake. they are stating that it was a person on top of a train and that is what the service will stop. that person jumped on the freeway which has shut down
6:52 am
all lanes of highway 24. this person went back on the tracks and now it has caused bart to shut the power down on the tracks near the macarthur the station. this person was less spotted here. this is a very unusual problem that they are having. and again, the east bay is affected. bart is now talking about major delays and that they've had to stop the power. this will have a ripple effect. this is affecting the ride on 24. the police are trying to apprehend a suspect. this is a major problem. the ride to the little more ballet is about one hour drive time because it has backed all loyal to tracy. >> this is just a visual
6:53 am
hazard. this is adjacent to the freeway. we are still delayed getting out of san francisco due to an accident at paul avenue that will add to administer your commute time. there was a stall on the top of the incline but it is long gone but is slow the me realize. even that 80 approach is backed up. the san mateo bridges normal in the drive time is about 13 minutes. off the golden gate bridge is still an easy one from marin county. >> the time the 6:53 a.m. we will be right back. i will have more on the developing story coming up.
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6:57 am
that is affecting the bart system and highway 24. delays of 24 in both directions adjacent to the bart station have been shut down by the california highway patrol. the power has also been cut to the tracks because a person has been jumping from the free rate. this is quite unusual and we will have more news developing. >> coming up tonight we have game 6 as the warriors' will play the spurs and they have to win this one to stay alive. here we are live at the core coal enough. the seas will be filled by fans who are caring hoping that the warriors' can stay alive. the warriors' can stay alive. sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. the warriors' can stay alive. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years.
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we're following this morning police are visiting san jose's 16 homicide after an early-morning assault. a live report coming up. >> police and have the person of interesting custody and vegetables adding that left two people dead in san jose, a live report with the latest. >> at least six people are dead after tornadoes ripped through north texas yesterday, and update and a moment. >> the same problem affecting both public transit and the freeway system this morning. it started as a police action on at the macarthur bart station where there was a person reported on top of one of the bart trains. that accounted for 15 minutes delays. that person was then reported to have jumped onto delays. that person was then reported to have jumped onto highway 24 which is why t


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